May 1, 2021

8 Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

8 Washing Machine Maintenance Tips
8 Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Why should you maintain your Washing Machine

With technology advancing day by day, we have newer gadgets coming in to make our daily tasks a lot easier. With each passing moment the existing appliances are introduced with new features .

It is very important that we put in our efforts in maintaining our appliances last long and serve us efficiently.

Washing machines being one tool that save us so much time and effort, from cleaning every single fabric that we own, it has completely revolutionized the world of cleaning.

For this reason, it is important that we keep our washing machines running efficiently by following these 8 Washing Machine maintenance tips. Following these washer machine maintenance tips will also keep your washing machine repair expense at minimum.

While there are a lot of steps involved in the washer maintenance, these steps go a long way in ensuring the lifetime of your machine.

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Here, we compiled a list of 8 Washing machine maintenance tips for you to go by and ensure its efficiency :

Give enough attention to clean your machine

Every appliance gives out its best when kept at its best. It is important to note that your machine needs a regular clean-up to maintain its efficiency, and just doesn’t work well without your input.

Improper cleaning or irregularity in your cleaning can cause your machine to backfire, resulting in not as clean clothes. Micro-residuals that left behind from the water we use for cleaning are the reason for improperly cleaned clothes . An issue of this kind mostly emerges in areas that have a hard water supply.

If you find yourself dealing with such a problem, it is necessary that you put in additional effort to deeply clean your washing machine. Keeping a washing machine cleaner handy may be of great help to you.

It is recommended that you use a cleaner that gets out all the dirt without causing damage to the parts of your washing machine. Look out for a washing machine cleaner that does its job decently enough, without having to spend a ton.

Deeply clean the rubber washer

Regardless of whether your machine is a front loaded of a top loader washing machine, it is very evident for dirt to enter your machine, and settle on to the washer.

Additionally, residues left behind from the cleaning products can add to the dirt. The position of the gasket is one primary reason for dust particles settling.

Also, these can also cause users to disregard the dirt settled on to it. Regular cleaning if this area, preferably once a week keeps your machine safe and working at its best.

Clean any detergent residue

Detergent residues caused by spillage of your detergent can cause your washing machines to slowly generate, by gradually turning sticky, and then give out a foul smell.

You may take care of your washing machine by regularly cleaning any residue with the help of a dish washing liquid.

Further, it is also advised that you clean the insides of your washing machine tub, for the same reason- detergent residue and lint collected over a number of washes. This can easily be cleaned using a slightly wet price of cloth.

Let your machine breathe

A common misstep among customers regarding the maintenance of their washing machine is keeping its lids shut. The logical reasoning for this given is keeping them closed keep the insides of the machine safe from dirt build up.

 While this could be a fair enough reason, it is important to take note that leaving your machine doors open for at least about 15 to 30 minutes ensures no moisture trapped inside, which could otherwise lead to the build of various bacteria and mold.

Further, moisture also has the capability to cause damage to the machine. To ensure no moisture, take a piece of cloth and run it through the insides of the machine after letting it dry to get rid of any left over moisture.

Thoroughly rinse your dispensers

This is an area you need to take care of in case you own an automatic washing machine. Usually, machines of this kind have allotted containers that store you detergents and the fabric softeners which are automatically used by the machine to dissolve in water and run a wash cycle.

 While introduced to increase efficiency and save your time by automatically running the procedure, the maintenance of these parts is extremely important.

These containers have the capacity to turn into breeding grounds for various bacteria and other toxicities, if used continually without proper cleaning. This results in your clothes coming out soiled, besides the damage caused to your machine.

Hence, preventing this and regularly cleaning your containers is a crucial step in the maintenance of your machine.

Lookout for any wear and tear in machine hose

A regular washing machine- regardless of whether it is a semi or fully automatic comes with three hoses- two out of which serve as inlets while the last serves as an outlet.

Hoses can be very much prone to wear and tear, which may lead to leakage of water through them, further, ensure that the inlet of the hose is well in coordination with the water source, this reduces any wastage of water.

Looking out for any kind of damages in the outlet is also very crucial. The build-up of lint and dirt is very much possible within the outlet as it expels dirty water, which can cause the outlet to block. In such a scenario, it is best that you seek help from a technician or simply reinstall a new hose.

Regularly clear out the filter

A lint filter can usually be found attached to the wash tub of a semi-automatic washing machine. It carries out the function of trapping and storing the dirt and lint within a sac.

It is very important to clean this section as after the sac has reached its limit, it ceases to collect any lint or dirt, resulting in dirt remaining on your clothes.

Further, overloading also creates a risk for the bag to tear resulting in the expulsion of extra lint that mixes up with your clothes.

Apart from this, it also has the potential to damage significant parts of your machine such as the pulsator and the agitator. Cleaning this filter at least once a month can save you from a lot of time and effort expenditure.

Efficient usage

One of the most popular causes of machines breaking down is overloading them beyond their capacities. Keep in mind that proper and efficient usage is the key to the long-lasting services a machine provides.

Over stuffing clothes in your machines can cause difficulty in the rotation of the tub, and further, thus negatively impacting the motor and functioning of your washing machine, resulting in a bad wash.

Hence, it is important that you follow the guidelines in the maintenance of your washing machine.

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