April 3, 2021

Samsung 7kg 5 Star Inverter Front Loading Washing Machine

Front-load washing machines are not much different from top load washing machines as the only main difference is the door of the washer which is in front instead of the top.

 The washing time that a front-load takes is more than a top-load by 15-20 minutes but the drying time is comparatively less.

 Front-load washers calibrate the amount of water according to the size of the load you are washing in the machine. 

They cleanse the clothes by lifting them as the drum or axis turns and then drops them into the water.  So the size of the load does not matter given that the dirty load has enough space to move around.

Samsung 7kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic  Front Loading Washing Machine
Samsung 7kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

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Feature & Specification


  • This Samsung Washing Machine comes with a diamond drum feature that has a special ‘soft curl’ design with diamond-shaped rigids which are smooth and gentle on your clothes.
  •  Its small and compact water exit holes help in helping the fabric not get tangled or trapped and damaged. 
  • The last and most impressive thing about this washing machine is the Eco Drum Technology, which keeps your front load machine clean and fresh without using any harmful chemicals and it also notifies you when it needs to be cleaned.
  • The Quick Wash Program is the ultimate systematic feature of this machine, which cleans your clothes lightly and quickly.
  • The efficient and stylish design is complemented by an excellent ice blue LED display that adds an extra touch of modern.
  •  It gives the user clear information about the wash programs so it gets easier to use and function.
  •  A strong Steam Cycle lets out the steam from the bottom of the drum or axis, so every fabric that is in the load is deep cleaned in-depth with steam.
  • This Samsung Washing’s digital Inverter Motor gives a higher level of energy coherence, less noise, and outstanding performance.
  •  Moreover, there’s a Smart Check troubleshooting appliance, which is an automatic error detecting system. 
  • It helps to detect and diagnose problems early in the wash and gives you tips and solutions using a smartphone App. 
  • The other features include the ceramic heater and child lock.


  • The net weight of this washing machine 61 kilograms and the net dimensions are approximately (L x W x H) (55 x 60 x 85 cm).
  •  The energy efficiency of this front load washer is 5 Star rating which helps you spend less money on bills and electricity.
  • The net capacity is around 7 kilograms. The maximum RPM is 1200 RPM. 
  • It is in a stylish white color which gives a modern look to it. The voltage required is 220 Volts. It is suitable for nuclear families with 4-5 members.
  •  There is a manufacturer warranty of 3 years on product and 10 years on motor. 
  • They are different types of wash programs included are
    1. Daily wash
    2. Cotton wash
    3. E Cotton wash
    4. Synthetics
    5. Dark garments wash
    6. Beddings
  • A strong and powerful Hygiene Steam cycle enhances the cleaning quality of the washer. Digital Inverter Technology exploits powerful magnets for a soundless and powerful presentation. Energy Efficiency helps in conserving both energy and money.

  •  The Ceramic Heater shields itself from the buildup of water scale deposit. The Delay End characteristic allows you to preset the wash cycle’s ending time. And a Child Lock makes sure the washing machine is safe from children.
  • Lastly, this washing machine has different wash programs for different types of fabrics. Cotton Fabric Wash Mode is for pieces of cotton, bed linens, table linens, towels, and shirts.
  • Wool Fabric Wash Mode is        specific for washable-machine wool for loads less than 2.0 kilograms. whereas, delicate Wash Mode for delicate clothes such as cardigans.

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Final Verdict

Overall, the of this product, Samsung 7kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic  Front Loading Washing Machine (WW70J42G0BW/TL, White, Hygiene Steam)has a four star rating and many people prefer it because of its various and brilliant features

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