April 26, 2021

What Is An Inverter Technology In Washing Machine?

What is an Inverter Technology in Washing machine?
What is an Inverter Technology in Washing machine?


An Inverter Technology Washing machine is one of the popular choices people prefer for their homes in this modern era. The machines are equipped with inverter-type motors.

At the same time, the conventional washing machine works in the maximum efficiency of power. The inverter technology in the washing machine controls the frequency by detecting the load on the washing machine.

Thus the inverter Washing machine enables the motor to function at variable speeds. It depends upon the weight of the load in the machine. They make less noise due to the lack of moving parts. The inverter Washing machine also saves a lot of energy.

So in this article, we will discuss some of the features and benefits of an Inverter Washing machine to find the best washing machine in India.

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What Is Inverter Technology In The Washing Machine?

The technology in a washing machine that has an innovative motor which gives more power efficiently. It also helps to utilize minimum power consumption by achieving A++ energy. The technology provides the best cleaning performance with its reliable amount of power.

When we look at different washing machine models, we also check their size, load capacity, availability of specific functions, and energy class. The inverter technology enables the motor to turn from the magnetic induction. 

It works as a sensor that detects the washing machine’s load and determines the speed to run.

One of the best things about an inverter Washing machine is running at a variable speed depending on the load. It reduces the noise of the lack of moving parts that conventional machines have. The traditional device has a lot of moving parts which consumes more electricity due to its friction.

But these inverter Washing machines have bulkier motors which reduce the occurrence of wear and tear. It helps in achieving less maintenance. Even though these inverter Washing machines are costly compared to conventional devices. But they offer highly efficient motors.

The inverter Washing machine has an advanced mechanism that solely runs on a Variable frequency drive(VFD)  motor as their motors are directly connected to the drum without using a belt or pulley.

Thus they make less vibration and noise. Even if you are using large capacity washers, it will make lesser sound and will consume lesser energy due to its advance technology.

The direct drive in these inverter motor powers the drum which optimizes both the speed and power consumption depending on the device’s load. It is why these machines have a longer lifespan compared to non-inverter motors.

For example, if you are riding a bike on a smooth Road. Then it consumes less fuel and boosts your confidence to pivot quickly. Same applies to an inverter Washing machine. But if you are riding a bike on a rough, pitted road.

Then you are losing your attention as well as more fuel is consumed. This example applies to conventional washing machines.

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Benefits of Inverter Washing machine:

One of the best benefits of this inverter Washing machine is that they cost low maintenance.

Usage of Energy:

The inverter Washing machine helps to preserve more power which is based on their amount of load. It improves their efficiency as it implies on the direct drive motors which power the drums directly. They also consume less energy.


The inverter technology has good durability with its brushes as it does not fail during the operation with intense friction in the entire process of washing clothes. It maintains the level of frequency and speed at desired choice.

Noise and Maintenance:

Since there are fewer parts in this brushless motor, it does not make much noise, and they are more durable than the belt drive motors. Since they don’t have belts, shafts, and gears, it produces less noise and vibrations. They also have low maintenance costs.

As these inverter Washing machines use a magnet which reduces the tear and wear of the working. So this is why many manufacturers offer long-term warranties for this type of Washing machine.

Though inverter Washing machine costs are expensive. But they offer durability and long-lasting benefits. Inverter washing machines are the best washing machines available in market.

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Brands Manufacturing The Inverter Washing Machine:

Some of the top brands in India, which are leading manufacturers in the inverter Washing machine, are

  • Samsung.
  • BOSCH.
  • LG.
  • IFB.
  • Godrej.
  • Midea.

These brands offer inverter technology in their two types of Washing machines, such as top-load washing machine and front load washing machine, with Semi-Automatic and fully automatic machines. They may be expensive. But it helps in recovering your cost by saving on electricity.


Each house has a washing machine nowadays as they are convenient appliances that help in our daily lives. The non-inverter washing machine consumes more electricity and produces noise and vibrations.

Thus preferring an inverter Washing machine has additional features and benefits. Even though they are costly, but you can recover the cost in the maintenance and lower electricity bills and noise level.

So it is better to switch to inverter Washing machines. So we hope in this article we have provided you with beneficial insights regarding the inverter Washing machine.

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