March 22, 2021

IFB 7kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine- Review

IFB 7kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine- Review
IFB 7kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine- Review

If you are looking for brands that will provide you the best of services coupled with an amazing lifetime, IFB is one place you should never miss out. They are known to  bring fully automatic washing machines to their customers, especially those constituting the front load.

 These washing machines range with capacities starting at 6 kg and ending at 8 kg. Apart from these variations, these washing machines also come in a plethora of designs and other features, for example – dryers and energy saving metres .

The IFB Neo Diva VX 7kg variant is of the top choices among customers, for all the right reasons.

IFB 7kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine- Review
IFB 7kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine- Review

It hosts all the features to make your clothes as clean as new, and the process as easy as it gets.  This front load Machine is delivered to you with an inbuilt heater. This allows for a wash on the warmer side, thoroughly cleaning your white clothes. 

Apart from this, the washing machine also has features that allow you to add on clothes mid wash! Further, the machine also has the 3D wash technology that allows a deep cleaning procedure. Along with this, the Aqua Energie technology in the washing machine takes care of the effectiveness of your detergent.

IFB has been a great competitor to various brands in the market, well understandably because of all the features that it’s products display.

This Front loader is designed keep energy efficiency and water usage in mind.

Here are all the details  of the washing machine summarised and listed down for you  :

What does it have to offer?

  • Fully automatic – This relates to in depth cleaning, completely automatic without you having to guide the machine through the washing, rinsing and drying process.
  • Aqua energy feature ensures that every bit of your detergent is put to the right use by dissolving it thoroughly with the water through the process of energizing it initially.
  • Ensures deep cleaning whilst minimizing the wastage of water and energy.
  • It hosts features that first loosen up the dirt in your clothes before they are run through an actual wash cycle. This allows the right attention given to the removal of tougher stains and spots on your clothes.
  • Reduces your electricity bills significantly with its energy saving aspect, and five star energy efficiency rating.
  • 11 distinct wash programs to be flexible to your requirements, and to best suit every kind of fabric you own.
  • AI feature allows the detection of misbalanced clothes in the machine, further balancing these clothes through redistribution within the machine to ensure a deep wash.
  • Easily operable and maintained
  • No hassle cleaning
  • The best choice for small families constituting 3 to 4 members and bachelors
  • Allows you to pause a wash cycle and add in any other laundry that might have been missed.
  • Other added features like Child Lock, Cradle Wash, Laundry Wash, Hot Wash, Aqua Energie, crescent moon drum, 3D wash system, Tub clean, working together to bring about the ideal wash.
  • Operates at a voltage of 230 Volts
  • RPM : 1000 (maximum)
  • A super warranty lasting 4 years is provided, along with a 10 year warranty on the spare parts of the appliance.
  • Protection from voltage fluctuation
  • Allows the addition of laundry mid-cycle
  • Built in heater that allows hot-Wash
  • Competitive pricing
  • Noise level is not too minimized
  • Clothes are not dried completely
  • Not much effect on shirt collars
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